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The Tiger & The Protected

10m • Short, Drama, Sport • 2022


Writer, Producer | Jay Masai

Executive Producer | JoAnne Burton

Producer | Lisa Cole

Director of Photography | Imani Dennison

1st AD | Rich Herzberg

1st AC | Eddie Yasin

2nd AC | Jesse Barringer

Sound Mixer | Rachel Villegas

Gaffer | Morgan Grimm

Gaffer Assistant | Sean McKeon

Script Supervisor | Emma Shaw

Makeup/Hair/SFX | Dawn Campbell

Costume Designer | Cynthia Altoriso

Editor | Tyrell Burton

Sound Editor | TJ Burton

Casting Director | Hilary Greer

The Tiger and the Protected, is the story about an overbearing mother who places constant pressure on her extremely talented yet quiet son to excel in his high school basketball program. JANET BELL (Novi Brown) is a single mother and raising her only son. She works hard to support herself and her 17-year-old son, DARIUS. She works even harder to make sure Darius is fully engaged in basketball. Her overprotective mentality creates an atmosphere where watching games are uncomfortable for other parents, irritable for referees and miserable for the team’s coach. Janet causes a rift with Darius causing him to be introverted on and off the court. This imbalance creates tension with his teammates, and classmates alike. Darius’ season hangs in the balance once he gets into a fight at a training camp. He is charged with felony assault charge that threatens his chances at playing at a top university.

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