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The Sun Doesn't Shine On All Sides

27m • Short, Documentary • 2023


Director, Writer | Gligor Kondovski

Producer | Dejan Miloshevski

A story about the Macedonian Elvis Presley who lives and works in Australia. Vane Crngarov comes from the village of Kuklish, Strumichko, and currently lives and works in Australia. His life and his musical journey began in his native Kuklish, Strumichko, and the first accordion in childhood. The poor and rural life forced him to play and earn money. That’s how he met his current wife, Elizabeth Liz, who stayed in Australia and became a parent of two daughters.

His resemblance to Elvis Presley will take him to a festival in Las Vegas, America. In Australia, he works as a bus driver and thus animates children and adults dressed in the style of Elvis Presley, and also has a musical band with which he performs in restaurants and clubs.

Through photographs, poems and narration, Vane talks about nostalgia for his country and about life in Australia and the fact that of course, the sun does not shine on all sides at the same time. There’s money in Australia, but home is always where we come back to. Hence the title is that the sun cannot shine on all sides at the same time. In Australia, he has material security in life, but he is still in a foreign country, outside his native land.

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