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The Draw of New York

8m • Short, Documentary • 2019


Director | Kathryn Sheldon

Producer | Abbe Baker, Aaron Hutcherson

In a city that makes it nearly impossible to operate a successful restaurant, what is it that keeps us all here?

This video was created in the Spring of 2019 but for reasons beyond our control, the project was never released. This week (in 2020) we were able to get permission to release this independently.

The current crisis the restaurant industry is in has made this feel all the more poignant, and sheds a small light on a broken system that makes it nearly impossible to operate successfully, even in a “strong economy”.

I hope this serves as a reminder that those of us who can need to fight our damndest for these restaurants both throughout this crisis and far beyond, and really, why living in New York is worth it.

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