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Tek It

3m • Short, Animation, Music • 2022


Director | Frederick Venet

Writer, Producer | Natia Sopromadze

The Idea of this music video was to replicate the style of 80’s anime with a little twist. The kitten who is the main character of the video is deeply in love with her owner. But owner already has someone special he loves. The characters, owner and the lover are created non binary or we’re not sure of their sex/sexual orientation. Through the video we see little kitten heartbroken, dreaming to be a girl to be with the owner (or transfer into a cat-girl , we leave some space for imagination there).

We were offered by Compulsory music rep to pitch for a music video for CAFUNE the band from NY (signed by elektra records) The band got popular on TIK TOK Apparently with a little edit from a 90’s anime that someone made on their song. The label wanted to catch this wave and asked us to come up with something with that vibe of retro anime from the 80’s/90’s)

I quickly prepared a pitch in 3 days and luckily the band loved it. Now the problem was the deadline, as the record wanted it ASAP we only had 3 days for storyboard, few more for designs and 2 WEEKS to animate everything. We only got 1 week for compositing/post production so in total exactly 4 weeks.

We had to come up with a style that would be doable in such a short time yet be visually beautiful and never compromise on quality. The solution was nothing but 4 weeks of not sleeping and amazing people from 8 different countries. Hope you like the result!

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