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Sweet Pea & Glass

11m • Short, Thriller • 2021


Writer, Director, Editor | Daniel Merino Villavicencio

Director of Photography | Louis Grauso

Producer | Julissa Carbajal, Katelyn Prieto

Assistant Director | Katie De Veyra

Sound Designer | Jim Petty

Music | Loko Warbucks, Kiki Corona, & Maniac

Art | Austin Cho

Sweet Pea & Glass are two rookies for the “Suits” gang with one last chance to prove themselves. The two are far from a perfect team but together they are assigned to dump a body in riva “Scarz” territory. Just after they finish burying the body however, they encounter a ranger, who quickly becomes suspicious of their presence. The two try to leave but Sweet Pea soon realizes she has dropped the car keys. Glass quickly catches on and berrates her but suddenly the ranger finds the keys. Sweet Pea, eager to escape Glass’ presence, runs to the ranger. Just as she reaches him, he grabs her, and Glass notices a familiar tattoo on his neck. The brand of the “Scarz”. Now in a standoff, Glass must decide to surrender and save Sweet Pea or risk her partner and take out the ranger

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