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Shaggy Finds His Way

17m • Short, Comedy, Drama • 2021


Writer, Editor, Director, Producer | Daniel Wanamaker

Assistant Director | josephoseibonsu

Cinematographer | Renee Nunez

Assistant Camera | Jack Otto

Sound Op | Amy Velez

Assistant Sound Op, Makeup Designer | Sabrina Saroza

Composer | Frank Dormani

A couple of months after losing his best friend Scooby and the team breaking up Shaggy is a broken man. He’s lost all will to continue mystery-solving without the team and most of all without Scooby. Shaggy must find a new passion for mystery solving and a new way of life that he thought to be impossible until now. This film explores themes of loss, depression, uncertainty, and betrayal through the unfamiliar lens of Shaggy/Norville Rogers.

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