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Shadow Singer

19m • Short, Student • 2023

Best Student Short


Director, Writer, Editor | Yijian Jiang

Producer, Writer | Xingrun Wu

1st AD, Cinematography, Sound, Editor | Yujie Luo

Cinematography | Wenjie Wan

Sound, Gaffer | Haiji Xiao

Art | Yanrong Che

Assistant Editor | Jingchao Zhou

A boy with a music dream graduates from college and moves to a different city, where he becomes an Uber driver. With his people-pleaser personality, he works hard to make ends meet, but never gives up on his passion for composing songs in his car. Along the way, he meets various passengers who inspire, challenge, or frustrate him. His life takes a dramatic turn when he picks up a suicidal girl, who makes him question his own choices and values. Through their unlikely connection, he not only helps her find a reason to live, but also completes his own song and achieves his redemption.

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