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Jade and Jaded

33m • Web Series, Comedy • 2021

Best Web Series


Executive Producers | Jade Zaroff and Sarah Franco

Producer | Erik Kandefer

Director | Sarah Franco

Writers | Kendall Close & Sarah Franco

JADE & JADED is an award-winning web comedy about two girls trying to “make it” as health and wellness vloggers. It stars Jade Zaroff and Sarah Franco as Jade and Sarah, two lifelong eco-friendly friends who decide to ditch their well-meaning activism-driven performance art to become YouTubers. The two New York artists struggle as they learn that becoming Enlightened Influencers isn’t all tea and yoga. Will their newfound medium save the planet, and their friendship?

Besides starring in Jade & Jaded, the two women also served as producers on the show.

The comedy was launched in October 2021 at the world’s leading sustainability conferences, Sustainable Brands 2021 San Diego (SB ’21). The short-form show, which features six episodes that run under 10 minutes each, is now streaming on YouTube.

Integrating purpose-driven messaging was the initial intention behind the creation of ‘Jade & Jaded.’ As a result, its launch at SB’21 San Diego truly exemplified how important both business and entertainment are in driving sustainability forward.

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