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1h 3m • Documentary • 2020

Best Feature Documentary


Director | Jeremy Berger

Producer | Renee Berger

Cinematographer | Jeremy Berger

Three teams of racers desperately try to finish a 24 hour race in cars that cost less than $500.

Director Statement | Jeremy Berger From the very first time I saw the cars of the 24 Hours of Lemons, I knew that I had to make a film about them. Like so many outsiders to the world of Lemons, the cars were a visual punch, an ecstatic celebration that drew us in. What I was not prepared for, and ultimately what led me to fall in love with the racers involved, was the support and care the community had for the sport and each other. I chose the subjects because they were different from each other in their background, and yet the same in their love of the sport, the time shared with other racers, and an enthusiastic DIY attitude that was as as inspiring of awe as it was action. I couldn’t NOT turn a camera on these people

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