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Der Platz

24m • Short, Experimental, History • 2022

Best Experimental Drama


Director, Writer, Producer | Hunter Whaley

Director of Photography | Giovanni Alfonzetti

Sound Designer | George Schultz

Assistant Director | Evan Murray

Line Producer | Calvin Perez

1st AC | Jadzia Erskine

Gaffer | Cynthia Almanzar

Sound | Mariya Chulichkova

Costumes | Caitlin McKenzie

Stranded in Cold War-era Berlin, a British counterintelligence officer anxiously awaits the day his handlers arrive to collect him. Given no information but a time and a place, he diligently keeps his appointment, watching and waiting for something to happen; even as weeks turn to years … Shot entirely in a warehouse in Brooklyn on a shoestring budget, DER PLATZ is an unconventional spy thriller combining elements of Beckett, Brecht, Jean-Pierre Melville, and Lars von Trier’s DOGVILLE.

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